About E-bizmanager


The purpose of E-bizmanager is to collect links to websites that is useful for running and develop a successful business in the digital age.

Quality before quantity

We are not trying to add a lot of links, but focus on linking to high quality websites that has been and (hopefully) will be updated regularly with interesting and/or useful functions now and in the future. Websites can be removed at anytime if we don't feel that they provide quality that meet our editorial stnadard. Therefore the work with adding, reviewing and removing content will be an ongoing process.

Editorial view

All links on this website is based on our editors view on good and informational content. There are no affilate links or paid placements on this website.

Advertising - Links and blog posts

Currently we don't offer any advertising. But maybe sometime in the future.

Suggest a new website

Yes, you are welcome to suggest relevant a relevant website, and if we find it useful we might add it.

To suggest a link, send us a mail on newlink@ebizmanager.net

Tracking and privacy

Ebizmanager is using Google Analytics to track and monitor user behavior on the website to optimize the content and usability. No personal and identifiable information is stored unless you have sent us an e-mail suggesting a link. All e-mails regarding suggestions for new websits, can be kept for up to 1 year

Ebizmanager was launched 15.th february 2020